Bergen County’s best up and coming photo booth rental company

The Booth

Memorable Party Favors

Guests will walk away with unique and festive prints. Options include unlimited color, black & white, and custom prints.

Unlimited 2”x6” Photo Strips

If there are more than 2 people in the booth… we can print copies for everyone!

High Resolution Photos

Our photos print on a professional grade printer. Our Booth also comes equipped with 300 watts of lighting to give you studio quality photos.

Lightning Fast Printing

Our prints come out in 10 seconds. Faster printing means more fun and more prints for your guests.

Minimal Space Needed

No matter how big or small, our booth will fit in any room. We can also fit through any doorway or up and down any set of stairs.


Our booths are meant to be part of YOUR event, not to take over it but still draw the proper attention.


We utilize a professional 18 mega-pixel DSLR camera for our booths. This way you and your guest will receive the best quality pictures.